Meeting Room


The David & Joyce Milne Public Library, in accordance with the ALA BILL OF RIGHTS (which assures that the resources of the Library are made available on an equitable basis regardless of the benefits or affiliations of the individuals requesting), offers the public access to reserve its meeting rooms.

The facilities of the public library are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, provided that such meetings do not conflict with regular library services and programs, and that they conform to the guidelines outlined below.

About our public rooms:

The Main Meeting Room can hold up to forty-five people, maximum, for a lecture or presentation.  The room contains fifty chairs, a podium, projection screen, a coat rack, and a conference table.  The windows can be darkened for AV presentations.

The Botsford Community Lobby, outside the main meeting room, is suitable for informal social gatherings, or a somewhat larger program audience than can be accommodated by the Main Meeting Room.  It contains a couch and easy chairs, large coffee table, and various displays of materials around the walls.  The Main Meeting Room chairs are available for use in the Community Lobby, and additional chairs are available in storage.

The Trustees Boardroom, which also serves as the Literacy Tutoring Room, is available less frequently and is the smallest of our three public rooms.  It contains a large white board and a conference table, which can seat eight to ten individuals.  The room can comfortably hold about 20 people total.

Please note that handicapped accessible restrooms and a small kitchenette are conveniently located near our public meeting rooms.

General Arrangements:

Serving alcohol is not permitted for meetings held at the public library and smoking is not permitted anywhere in the public library.

Charges for room use:

At this time, the use of the library public meeting rooms is free of charge and open to the public.  However, no fees can be collected from the public to attend meetings or programs therein.


Meeting spaces at the Library will be DENIED to groups or individuals under the following circumstances – requesting space for partisan political purposes; requesting space for the purposes of religious service or presentation of religious doctrine; requesting spaces for the purpose of private social functions; individuals who, through the sale of materials or services, will profit financially from the use of the library space; youth groups unaccompanied by an adult 18 years or older; reservations for a series of meetings that would designate the library as the regular meeting place for any organization; individuals who fail to abide by this and other policies, rules, and regulations pertaining to the use of the David & Joyce Milne Public Library.

Policies, Rules, and Regulations pertaining to the use of the David & Joyce Milne Public Library:

  • The Library is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Library building.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the Library.
  • Patrons must wear shirts and shoes.
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited.
  • Paying unwelcome attention to library staff or patrons is prohibited.
  • Sleeping is not permitted.
  • Disruptive behavior and the use of vulgar or profane language will not be allowed in the Library.

The Library reserves the right to require anyone who violates these rules of conduct to leave the premises. The Library may deny permission for a person to enter its facilities for a specified time, if that person continues to violate these rules, or if that person has engaged in criminal behavior on Library premises. Unlawful activities will be reported to the Police.

Available time:

Meetings must be scheduled for time periods during the library’s open hours, and must be concluded five minutes before the library is scheduled to close to allow sufficient time for the staff lock-up.  Rooms may be reserved for the time blocks of up to three hours.  Additional time requests require the approval of the Library Director.


The procedure for obtaining use of a meeting room in the David & Joyce Milne Public Library is as follows:

  1. Telephone or visit the library to determine meeting room availability on the desired date from the Library Director or designee; make preliminary reservation.
  2. Review meeting room policies as outlined on the following pages.
  3. Fill out the request form and submit in advance of meeting date.  A copy of the completed form will be returned to you as confirmation of the reservation.