Out of State

Out of State Policy

The David & Joyce Milne Public is free for anyone to visit, read, browse, use computers and attend programs.

However, the library does charge an “out of state fee” to patrons living outside of Massachusetts wanting to borrow materials from Williamstown. The fee is for one year of library service from the date of registration.

The only exception to this policy is for teachers or staff working at the following Williamstown schools:

  • Williams College
  • Mt. Greylock Regional High School
  • Buxton School
  • Pine Cobble School
  • Williamstown Elementary School

Teachers or staff can obtain one card in their name only. It does not cover their family.

Students that attend Buxton, Pine Cobble, or Williamstown Schools, and live outside of Massachusetts, can obtain a Williamstown library card free of charge. Their parents, however, would need to pay for a family card to borrow at Williamstown.

Out of State Fees:

$35.00 per family – covers the cost of each family member receiving a card

$17.00 for senior citizens (over 65) – covers the cost of both spouses receiving a card

This fee is equivalent to the amount of tax dollars that each resident of Williamstown pays that goes towards their public library service.